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Amazing Squishy T REX 1

Amazing Squishy T REX

Amazing Sqishy T Rex By Smart Lab Dig inside the Ultimate predator dinosaur of 'em all: Tyrannosaurus rex! Featuring five squishy innards-including...


Ant world / Ant Mine 1

Ant world / Ant Mine

Make a plastercast reproduction of a complex leafcutter ant colony, add any ants, and watch the action through a special window. Make the colony...


Billion Bubble Generator Machine 1

Billion Bubble Generator Machine

Bubble Machine Endless bubble fun! The Billion Bubble Generator blows thousands of bubbles for continuous bubble action. Create up to 10,000 bubbles...


Bug View Catcher 3

Bug View Catcher

A great way to catch bugs and look at them. The magnified area allows you to see more detail and the easy to open and close base allows you to...


Cave Man Homo Neanderthalensis Skeleton Excavation Kit 1

Cave Man Homo Neanderthalensis Skeleton Excavation Kit

Young scientists can excavate and assemble the scientific reproduction of Homo neanderthalensis, an ancestor of modern-day humans Includes gypsum...


Crazy Chemistry wild science 2

Crazy Chemistry wild science

Learning about chemistry can be fun with this Wild! Science Crazy Chemistry set. Learn how to make a rocket ball, weird slime and an 'exploding'...


Dino Excavation Kit - Stegosaurus Skeleton 1

Dino Excavation Kit - Stegosaurus Skeleton

Live the experience of being a real paleontologist. Dig out of a gypsum brick, the detailed bone replicas of a Stegosaurus. Clear the bone pieces...


Dinosaur Torch and projector 1

Dinosaur Torch and projector

Dinosaur torch only natural history museum Projector Torch with Interchangeable Discs Assorted A handy torch which also doubles up as a projector....


Electronic Brain Box Boat 1

Electronic Brain Box Boat

Have Fun Learning. The Brainbox kits are stimulating, absorbing and offer hours of enjoyment, learning the basic concepts of electricity and...


Exploding Volcano Workshop 1

Exploding Volcano Workshop

Wild Science Exploding Volcano Workshop Create volcanic eruptions, lava flows and mineral springs. Become a volcanologist with the Wild Science...


Fart putty - wild science 4

Fart putty - wild science

Cook up a flatulent storm of custom-coloured, Fart Putty farts! Turn innocent Fart Putty into a symphony of noisy farts. Kit includes Fart Putty,...


Fossil Collection 3

Fossil Collection

Children love fossils and collecting precious things. fossil pack contains 5 differnt fossils and small magnifying glass to check them out Not...


Glow-in-the-Dark Lab 2

Glow-in-the-Dark Lab

With this best-selling and award-winning chemistry lab, kids build their lab skills as they concoct 20 experiments that glow, ooze, and bounce using...


Gold Miners Excavation Kit 4

Gold Miners Excavation Kit

Discover Science Excavate your way through the plaster block to reveal some gold! (iron pyrite). Makes a great gift idea for children excited about...


Gravity Beads - Sick Science 2

Gravity Beads - Sick Science

Sick Science Gravity Beads All it takes is a little jumpstart from you and this long string of beads pulls itself out of a container. Watch 20 feet...


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