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Battat Buggly Ride on

Battat Buggly Ride on

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buggly wuggly ride on ages 1-3

  • Let’s go for a ride around the town! With a comfy place to sit and a pretty cool looking ride your little one will be zooming around town. Press on the eyes to have them light up and listen to them squeak away. Also comes with a pretty amazing secret storage basket for all the treasures you pick up on the way.

    Everyone has places to go and people to see. Now your little one can get there quickly and safely with this ride on.
  • The Buggly Wuggly snail ride-on comes with a comfy ergonomic seat that makes for a very smooth ride. This ride on is a wonderful first ride for little movers and shakers.

    Battat toys are designed to encourage expression of creativity and imagination. The colours that we use are not like your ordinary colour pallet. The colours are vibrant and fun, the type of colours you want to leave out when company comes over. The Buggly Wuggly will grab the attention of all.
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