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Frog Hopper Ball

Frog Hopper Ball

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Whether rain or shine, the Flybar Pogo Pals Hopper Ball is an indoor and outdoor hopper toy for kids!

Its sturdy grip made for small hands 55cm ensures kids ages 6 and up will be able to hold on to this ball hopper as they bounce around. Safe and durable, this ball hopper is made of sturdy materials that conform to CPSC requirements, while traction grooves cover the bottom of the ball hopper to grip surfaces for a more stable ride. Each hopper features an adorable character and comes with an air pump and measuring tape to ensure proper inflation

  • Indoor and outdoor hopper ball for kids
  • Anti-slip traction grooves provide stable ride
  • Sturdy handle made for small hands ensures proper grip
  • Comes with air pump and measuring pump for proper inflation
  • Made of sturdy materials that conform to CPSC requirements
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