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Mechanics Lab Antarctic Exploration

Mechanics Lab Antarctic Exploration

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50 Models and technical applications 

A fantastic self-assembly Antarctic Exploration vehicle to speed off on fantastic adventures! The instruction manual helps the children build the models and introduces them to the basic principles of mechanics and engineering.

  • An extensive laboratory which introduces children to the world of engineering and mechanics
  • An incredible scientific kit to start discovering Antarctica and break the ice with the world of mechanics and engineering!
  • With more than 350 components, the child can build 20 models of vehicles for Antarctic exploration including truck, snow blower, tractor, hovercraft and over 30 technical applications
  • The truck is equipped with an articulating drive and tower, a turret with swivel crane, a rack steering and an adjustable front shovel; for incredible ice adventures!
  • The incredible APP of the Mechanics Laboratory, with its interactive 3D instructions, will make the construction of models easy and fun
  • The illustrated manual accompanies the child in the creation of models, introducing the first concepts of physics, engineering and mechanics


Age 8+

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