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New Generation Virtual Pets

New Generation Virtual Pets

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No matter their situation, everybody can have a pet... in a virtual sense. The little screen depicts a character (chosen from 32 various creatures, to care for by selecting food, play and cleaning options. The creature appears to have a mind of its own and will beep when it is hungry, ill or has left a steaming gift in the bottom right hand corner. Successfully nurturing the little character causes it to grow, behave itself and prosper; neglect (wilful or otherwise) can result in an untimely demise. No matter what the outcome, however, a small button on the reverse of key fob restarts the process for another try. A fascinating challenge for children, and a nostalgic interest for those who missed out first time around.

Random colour sent.

-Key fob is approximately 6cm

-Batteries included

-Electronic pet game

-Choice of what to feed your pet

-32 different characters to choose to care for

ages 5+

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