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Rock and Play Shape Sorter Toy

Rock and Play Shape Sorter Toy

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Sense & Grow are all about helping children with their sensory development in a fun and exciting way. This incredible Rock & Play Shape Sorter Toy set is all about little ones getting used to different textures and stimulating their minds too! The set comes with 7 blocks and each block is not only a different colour to help their visual stimulation, but each block also has a different texture as well. Even the box that is part of this set is designed to be played with as it features stretchy and colourful bands on the sides.

The idea is that children will play with the blocks, experiencing the different textures as they do. They can then sort the blocks by putting them into the right place in the box. Not only will children be having a really fun time playing with the blocks. They will be getting a good mental workout too as they figure out the best way to put the blocks into the box.

Key Features:

  • Each of the seven blocks is its own stimulating colour
  • The blocks each have a different texture to them
  • Children will be visually and mentally stimulated when playing with this
  • This is a great part of the Sense & Grow line
  • This is fun and educational!
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