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Shimmery Magical Mermaid Floor Puzzle

Shimmery Magical Mermaid Floor Puzzle

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Meet a beautiful magical mermaid with this gorgeous floor puzzle from Peaceable Kingdom. 

Adorably designed floor puzzle measures approximately .75 x 1 metre with unique puzzle shapes for extra fun. Puzzle pieces are thick, sturdy with gorgeous glittery accents and the box includes a corded handle for easy carrying.

Puzzles are an extremely good math tool for young kids. It teaches young children the concept of the ‘whole’ and that each piece is a fraction of this whole.

Puzzles also helps develop their spatial awareness while working on their problem solving skills. It helps develop concentration skills, patience, goal setting, and emotional regulation.

Puzzles are a great way to help children relax. Having them do puzzles at the end of a long day will create a calming effect while expanding their concentration levels.

  • Ages: 4+ years 
  • Extra Large pieces with foil accent 
  • Visual recognition, cooperation, fine-motor development, problem-solving, cognitive skills
  • 40 pieces
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