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Water Science Kit

Water Science Kit

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Science is one of the ways we learn about the nature. So far science has revealed the mystery of the nature. We know scientific knowledge plays an important role in our life. Hence learning about science knowledge is quite important. And this water science product allows you to do some experiments with water. Through some of these experiments, you can explore the source of the purified water and learn scientific knowledge.

Main Features:
Educational green technology DIY water science kit
A wonderful kit for developing kids’ interest in technology and their environment awareness
Teach your kids how to purify water
Science and fun together to do the experiment by your own

The set includes:
-a filter
-6 bags (quartz sand, saleratus, potassium alum, crushed granite, porcelain sand, activated carbon)
-6 filter papers
- 2 x sponge

Recommended for ages: 10 years and up.

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