10 Tips on Travelling Overseas with Kids

10 Tips on Travelling Overseas with Kids

Is travelling overseas with kids in your near future? We share our top 10 tips to ensure your international travel is enjoyed by everyone!

If you thought travelling overseas with kids was something to be left in the too-hard basket, think again. Overseas travel with children has become commonplace and much easier thanks to the efforts of those in the travel industry. That doesn’t mean things will be all smooth sailing, and that’s where your pre-planning comes in handy. We’ve put together a collection of our top 10 tips to help you get ready.

Top 10 Tips on Travelling Overseas with Kids

The days of dreaming of a trip overseas have turned back into reality and is now easier than ever to achieve. To help you prepare, here are our best tips on international travel with kids:

  1. Choose your destination carefully – if you have the choice, you’ll want to select a destination that will suit everyone in your family. You will find that a lot of end destination type resorts specifically cater for families of all ages, with dedicated activities for kids.
  2. Pack light – it may be tempting to bring all your child’s bedding, porta cot, car seat and stroller with you, but consider hiring it at your destination. Focus on packing those must have items instead, such as plenty of changes of clothes and your child’s favourite toys.
  3. Choose direct flights – try to avoid lots of short flights where you need to change planes. It may sound tempting to get off and stretch your legs, but having to deplane, find the correct gate and board again in a short time is stressful.
  4. Talk about what to expect – be sure to let your child know what they can expect to see, hear, and do when travelling overseas. Watching videos, looking at photos and even pretending at home can reduce the anxiety – or overexcitement – on the day.
  5. Plan plenty of down time – travel is tiring whatever your age, and while you may want to make the most of every second, your kids will need plenty of breaks.
  6. Get the kids involved in the planning – it’s their holiday too, so ask for their opinion about the things they would like to see and do. Even having them choose between approved activities helps give them a say and reduces the likelihood of temper tantrums.
  7. Book activities and transfers ahead of time – being super organised is key when it comes to travelling overseas with kids. This means organising and prepaying for airport transfers and activities before you leave home.
  8. Adjust nap times – if you are changing time zones, think about adjusting their nap times by a little bit in the lead up to your departure.
  9. Organise entertainment – pack a collection of fun games, books, toys and arts and crafts activities to take with you for the flight, long waits and for your accommodation. Some of our favourite ideas are stickers, colouring books, fidget toys and
  10. Research your accommodation – where you stay matters! Many overseas accommodation providers will have double beds as standard, with a single room for all to share. If you want a separate bedroom, twin beds for the kids and a kitchenette, you will need to check they can provide it.10 tips fpr traveling with kids

We’d love if you have any additional tips on travelling with kids internationally you can share with us! Drop us a line below and let us know!

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