baking with kids

6 Cool Ideas for Baking with Kids

Needing some inspiration when it comes to ideas to try when baking with kids? Check out these six cool ideas the whole family is sure to love!

Whether they’re bakers in training, or helpful bowl lickers, baking with kids is a popular Kiwi pastime. From bread to biscuits, slices to muesli bars, we’ve put together six cool activities to engage and inspire your kids within the kitchen.

6 Easy Baking with Kids Ideas

baking with kids

 No matter their age, kids love baking! Yet, baking with kids is seen by some parents as highly stressful due to the possible mess, worries about safety, or lack baking knowledge themselves. It could even be said that many parents who do bake, do so because they enjoy it, and being ‘helped’ by the kids, just isn’t their idea of fun!

It is a great skill to share with your kids though, as it helps them develop their hand-eye coordination, measuring skills, ability to listen and follow instructions, as well as general life skills they’ll need as they grow up. We thought it was time we shared six of our favourite ideas for baking with kids for you. Enjoy!

  1. Cupcakes – depending on your child’s age, they could make and/or decorate cupcakes in little paper patty tins. We like how easy this recipe for Vanilla Cupcakes
  2. Apple Muffins – muffins make a great little snack or lunchbox treat. Being healthy is also a bonus! Here’s our favourite Apple Muffin recipe.
  3. Measuring activities – young kids love playing with and mixing ingredients. Give them some flour and water to mix together in a bowl, or let them get creative with their own little toy Mix and Bake Blender.
  4. Fruit and Vegetable Skewers – while not technically baking, creating raw fruit or vegetable skewers is super fun and super easy. Depending on the child’s age, they could cut the food into small pieces and/or push them onto each skewer. It’s a great way to encourage them to eat their veges too!
  5. Washing up – okay, so not a baking activity again, but it is washing and drying the tools used when baking. Strangely enough, kids love washing dishes – or rather, playing in the kitchen sink! If you use it, you clean it, is our motto.
  6. Bread – it is relatively easy to bake bread with kids. The skill of waiting patiently while it rises is a great one to learn too!

If you’re ready to start baking with kids, a neat little gift to spark your child’s interest would be their very own child-size baking set. Or perhaps their own apron and spatula from the ever-popular Kuwi range? We wish you all heaps of fun in the kitchen – and good luck!



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