6 Toys Which Increase a Child’s Attention Span

Looking for ways to increase your child’s attention span? We share six toys which do the work for you! Learn what they are now.

Wood, 6 Toys Which Increase a Child’s Attention Span

As parents, our child’s attention span is just one of the things we notice and worry about. Do they concentrate too long on one thing? Is it normal for a child to get bored with an activity in two minutes? Or even, should we be doing anything to increase their level of focus and concentration?

We have to be honest: improving a child’s attention span is not easy. It requires plenty of practice, hard work and competition against any underlying conditions which may contribute to their inattention. The great news is though that there are many wonderful toys which can be used to assist with this process and we’re sharing six of them with you today!

Improve Your Child’s Attention Span with These 6 Toys

 If a task is too hard, many kids give up instead of trying to master it. The squirming and talking increases, with focus on the activity at hand dropping off. However, being easily distracted is common among most children. As they age, their levels of concentration should improve, as does their perseverance. However, there are some ways you can help to increase your child’s attention span using toys. Here are six of our favourite.

  1. Instruments – musical instruments are wonderful at engaging and keeping a child’s attention span. Offer a variety of sizes and types for optimal experimentation. And ear protectors for you, of course!
  2. Jigsaw puzzles – while a puzzle with too many pieces will be quickly discarded, a smaller one is often loved by kids. If they are looking frustrated, sit down and help!
  3. Playmobil – we love how engaged and focused children become when playing with Playmobil. It seems that the bright colours and realistic shapes spur off plenty of play opportunities.
  4. Dress Ups – it seems that the art of putting on the dress ups and then acting out when wearing them motivates even the most distracted child to pay attention. It could be as simple as Mum’s old high heeled shoes, a Superman cape or a Princess dress: any child’s costume is simply magic!
  5. Building blocks – the infinite possibilities building blocks provide ample encouragement to extend a child’s imagination. Not only do they provide plenty of learning opportunities, but they can be used for years and years too.
  6. Art supplies – paint, paper, crayons and playdough are great at helping a child express their creativity and foster self-esteem.

For other personalised ideas on toys which can improve your child’s attention span, please contact our friendly toy team today! We’d love to help!

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