7 Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

7 Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

Whether it’s with paint, crayons or glue, arts and crafts for kids has plenty of fabulous benefits! We share seven of them to explain why you should encourage your child to get creative today.

Crayon, 7 Benefits of Arts and Crafts for Kids

There’s more to arts and crafts for kids than drawing a picture or sticking some boxes together. The creativity they experience when ‘creating’ their masterpieces helps them in numerous ways and today we’re going to share exactly what benefits arts and crafts for kids provide.

Why Experts Recommend Regular Arts and Crafts for Kids (h2)

Kids love it and we do too! There’s nothing quite like being able to have free exploration of different art and craft materials to spark a lightbulb moment and learn something new. But there’s more to it than just exploring. In fact, there are multiple benefits of doing arts and crafts for kids including:

  1. Communication – being able to express how they are feeling through art is an amazing benefit. Often young children cannot articulate how they are feeling, so do so in non-verbal ways through drawing, painting and building.
  2. Bilateral coordination – learning how to coordinate both sides of the body so they work to achieving one goal is possible when cutting, drawing and gluing.
  3. Increased self-esteem – having pride in their ability to start and complete a project to their satisfaction is awesome. Kids can also easily see their skill progression with the more arts and crafts they complete too.
  4. Following instructions – for directed arts and crafts activities, either by verbal or written instructions, children learn to follow a set of steps to complete their craft or artwork. This is a fun way of learning and practising such an important skill.
  5. Fine motor skills – a great advantage of arts and crafts for kids is that it helps develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As a child develops, they move from large full body movements, to specific small ones using their fingers.
  6. Perseverance – it’s easy to give up on something when it’s too hard or you’ve failed too many times. Yes, there will be failures when crafting, but the results won’t be as drastic as falling off a bike. Perseverance is a key skill learnt and practised when completing arts and crafts.
  7. Bonding – being able to develop a closer relationship with your child by making things together is one of our favourite benefits. You have the opportunity to talk with each other and build special memories to last forever.

We’d love to help you enjoy arts and crafts with your kids! Check out our large range of art and craft materials right here in our online toy store and start having fun!

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