Wood - 7 Benefits of Wooden Toys

7 Benefits of Wooden Toys

7 Benefits Wooden Toys Have Over Plastic

Wooden toys are great, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out these seven benefits wooden toys provide and why we’re so in love with them (and we’re not the only ones!).

We think wooden toys are amazing! Long-lasting and durable, they have many advantages over their plastic counterparts. Not that we think there is anything wrong with plastic toys – we love them too! It’s just that sometimes you can’t beat the nostalgia factor wooden toys provide.

Today we’re here to focus on the benefits wooden toys provide, so let’s get started!

7 Benefits of Wooden Toys

We’ll start with the most well-known benefits of wooden toys:

  1. Longevity – wooden toys have traditionally been passed down between generations. While many in the past were handmade, wood-crafting seems to be a dying art. That’s where the many wonderful wooden toy manufacturers come in. The toys they create are highly durable and can stand up to plenty of play.
  2. Eco-friendly – high-quality wooden toys are made from environmentally friendly and renewable resources. So not only are they great to play with, they’re great for the environment too!
  3. Simplicity – due to the material they are made with, these toys tend to be simple in shape and design. This makes them easy to manipulate and with fewer parts to break.
  4. Fires up imaginations – due to the simplicity, wooden toys can be used for a large number of different play scenarios. They encourage kids to use their imaginations and invent new ways of playing with them.
  5. Fewer distractions – there are no bells, whistles or annoying noises when playing with a wooden toy. A child is able to think about what they are doing and what they’d like to do without the toy interrupting their thinking processes.
  6. Improve hand-eye coordination – it’s worth noting that while plastic toys can assist with hand-eye coordination, wooden toys have been assisting with this skill for generations.
  7. Sensory – a wooden toy is tactile and has some weight to it. This helps build a child’s understanding of sensory matters, helping them develop their skills when manipulating the toy. More physical work is required to play with the toy too, which assists with developing an understanding of how force and movement work.

We’re proud to offer a great collection of wooden toys both online and in our Auckland toy shop. From wooden musical instruments to puzzles, play kitchens to vehicles, there’s something for every little person. If you need some advice on choosing the right toy, we can help you there. Just get in touch with some details about the child you are purchasing for and we’ll make some suggestions they are sure to love.

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