7 indoor water play ideas

7 Indoor Water Play Activities for Toddlers

 7 Indoor Water Play Activities for Toddlers

 You don’t need to wait for a sunny day for water play! Check out these 7 amazing indoor water play activities for toddlers and get ready for some splashy fun.

Check out our seven creative indoor water play activities, curated especially for toddlers! Will there be fun, laughter and bubbles? Yes, yes and maybe! Come along with us for a splashing fun time…

7 Indoor Water Play Activities Your Toddler Will Love

Whether your toddler is at the kitchen sink, in the bath or the shower, there is plenty of fun to be had with water. And of course, there is no need to wait for a sunny day, as indoor water play is great for everyday!

Here are seven of our favourite indoor water play activities that we just know your toddler will love:

  1. Ice cube transfers – using a pair of tongs, the aim is to pick up and move individual ice cubes from one bowl to another. You can spice things up by using food colouring when making the ice cubes.
  2. Toy car wash – there’s nothing better than a production line when you are a toddler, and when you throw in a car wash, it gets even better. Fill one tray with water and bubbles, followed by another tray with only water. Drive the cars,
  3. rubber ducks, and even a few blocks through the trays to give them a wash.
  4. Sink or float – a great one for the bath, gather up a collection of waterproof objects such as bath toys, cups, utensils and see what happens…
  5. Slam dunk – keep your child occupied in both the shower and bath by encouraging them to shoot hoops. Attach the hoop to the wall or shower door and go for gold. This is a great way to improve hand eye coordination and keeping all those balls in one small area.
  6. Draw to your heart’s content – we couldn’t not share with you these fabulous shower and bath crayons. Great at keeping toddlers occupied while you do the annoying face and hair washing jobs, they are super easy to use on smooth wet surfaces. You could also grab a paint brush and just use the water to get creative too.
  7. Ocean in a bottle – water play doesn’t need to mean getting wet, as you could contain it in a bottle. Add some water beads, blue food colouring, sand or even glitter. A clean used soft drink bottle works well, and you may want to consider supergluing the lid on.
  8. Go sailing – make a couple of small sailboats from a plastic lid, such as from a milk bottle and glue a small sail to it with paper and a small twig. How fast does your boat race when you blow through a straw towards it?

Of course, these seven indoor water play activities only scratch the surface of fun activities you and your toddler can do. Check out our range of water toys and bathroom toys for more ideas, and if you need any help, we’re only a call away.

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