Are You Ready to Make Slime?

Are You Ready to Make Slime?

Are You Ready to Make Slime?

making slime

It’s easy and fun to make slime! Learn how to make slime and try out some of these cool tricks you can do with it too.

We love to make slime and its even easier when all the slime ingredients and instructions are provided for you. There’s something about the way it moves in our hands, the feel of it as it slides between our fingers and the delightful gloopy sound it makes when it plops onto a table that makes us so happy!

We’re sharing our favourite ways to make slime and some of the cool tricks and uses we’ve found for it!

The Easiest Ways to Make Slime 

A quick search of Google will provide numerous recipes, each trying to persuade us that they are the best. We found that the Edmonds Cooking website had the easiest DIY slime making recipe, though we did need to organise the ingredients ourselves.

But by far we decided that the best ways to make slime were using the speciality slime making kits!

Steve Spanglers Super Slime – we love how these slime making kits contain no glue and are super easy for kids aged eight and above to make themselves. There are four different colour options too: hot pink, electric blue,radioactive green and clear glass.
Make Your Own Glowing Glittery Slime – fancy making some glow in the dark and glittery slime? This is the slime kit for you.
Pop Pops Snotz – if you need slime in a hurry, Pop Pops Snotz give you pre-made slime balls for some slime popping fun.
Slime Lab, Science By Me – this handy kit with teach you how to make slime which changes colour, and includes all the ingredients you will need.
Glow in the Dark Slime Lab Green – with the ultimate spooky Halloween slime making kit, be prepared to discover the different kinds of slime you can make and play with!
Glow in the Dark Lab – more than a slime making kit, here you’ll get the tools and instructions needed to perform 20 experiments about slime.

Once you’ve made the slime, next you can play with it!

Cool Tips and Tricks About Playing with Slime 

Slime is the ultimate sensory play and being versatile, you can do so many things with it. Our favourite slime tips and tricks are:

Writing letters, shapes and lines in slime using magnetic letters or cardboard cut outs
Using play dough toys to cut, scoop, squish and roll the slime
Stretch and plop – see how far you can stretch the slime between your hands before letting go at one end to have an almighty plop in the other
Use a funnel to quarter fill and then tie the end of a balloon, to make a squishy slime ball

To be ready for the next time you want to make slime, make sure you order your slime kits here today!

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