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Five Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Reader

Five Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Reader  

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Every parent wants their child to love reading but sometimes the passion just isn't there. Children become reluctant readers for a range of reasons - a lack of interest, a difficulty connecting letters and sounds or a frustration with learning. Sometimes children have had a hard time adjusting at school and become reluctant readers because they associate reading with school work.  The good news is that with time, encouragement and support there are many ways to encourage them to pick up a book!

Five Ways You Can Help a Reluctant Reader

As a parent, it’s important to spend time modelling good reading habits to our kids. This includes reading children’s books on a wide range of topics such as fairy tales, vehicle themed stories and even science experiments! Five other ways you can encourage your child to read more include:

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  1. Have fun. Let your child choose funny books. Kids love to laugh and funny stories make reading feel less serious. Get your child to pick out a joke book and read the jokes every night to the family.
  2. Keep reading to your child even if they can read independently. Read one page and let them read the next one or read one chapter from a book every night before bed. Listening to stories is a great way to foster an interest in reading. This gives them access to stories that are above their reading level that they may be interested in. Remember to take the time to explain plots, words and ideas as this helps develop their reading comprehension.
  3. Read outside your child's book bag. Provide your child with opportunities to read - leave notes on your child's pillow or in their lunch box, create a treasure hunt and get your child to read the clues. Ask relatives to send postcards, emails or text messages. Buy a set of magnetic letters and stick them on the fridge or buy a box of chalk and get them to write stories on the pavement.
  4. Don't knock their confidence. Make sure their books are within their reading capabilities. Encourage choice - let them read comics, the supermarket list, instruction manuals, or even the newspaper if they want!
  5. Get your child hooked on a series. Once they are interested in a certain book they will get to know the characters and it will open up a whole new world. You can buy them the next book in the series as a reward for good reading.

There are many ways you can bring out your child's inner bookworm. By keeping reading fun and not a chore, kids are more likely to develop good reading habits and a lifelong love of books! Don’t forget to check out our range of children’s books for kids of all ages and stages.


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