Learning Through Play why is so important

Learning Through Play why is so important

Why Learning Through Play Is More Important Than Ever Before

Learning through play is more than a buzz phrase; it’s exactly how kids learn best! We take a look at what it involves, how it can help boost numeracy and literacy skills, plus some great toy suggestions.

Learning through play is not something we need to teach our kids. They instinctively find it on their own for a very good reason: it’s how they learn best.

Play-based learning has been around in our education system for many years and has recently made a comeback in classrooms throughout the country. However, parents have always done it!

We take a look at what learning through play involves, how it can help your child with their literacy and numeracy skills, and some of the toys which are great to have at home.

What Does Learning Through Play Involve?

Learning through play is what’s called a pedagogical method in which kids are encouraged to explore, discover, experiment and solve problems through play. Usually reserved for children aged seven and younger, it involves the child making the decisions as to what they want to do. Adults are required to be guided by the child as to the direction they take with their learning, based upon their interests. However, you can in a way guide their learning by providing resources and toys of a specific theme.

How Does Learning Through Play Boost Numeracy & Literacy Skills? (h2)

Kids learn by playing. It makes sense then, that by playing they can also learn skills and gain knowledge about numeracy and literacy as they play. Let’s look at each one specifically:

  • Numeracy – from playing shops, organising toy cars into groups, putting shapes into the right sized holes and finding numbers in junk mail are all great activities to build maths skills
  • Literacy – besides from reading or being read books, reading, writing and listening skills can be practised and developed by playing dress-up, doing jigsaw puzzles, imaginary play or simply talking to others.

Play-based learning doesn’t have to be specifically taught, nor does it need specific equipment or toys. We find though, many parents ask for suggestions as to what types of toys would be specifically beneficial for it. Here are a few of our thoughts:

  • Building blocks – there is so much that can be done with blocks. From building houses and farms through to busting tall towers just to see what happens, they are a highly versatile toy.
  • Dress-ups – children love to pretend to be someone they admire, be it their parents or a superhero. Dress-up clothing helps them slip easier into their role-playing.
  • Pretend play – let your child’s imagination go wild by providing them with a range of pretend play toys including wooden kitchens and cooking sets, doctor kits and vehicles.

As always, we’re more than happy to offer personalised suggestions for suitable toys. Get in touch or pop into our store and have a chat with us today.

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