Should we be encouraging our children to participate in pretend play?

Six Fabulous Toys for Pretend Play

Pretend play is an essential part of growing up, and as adults, it’s up to us to encourage our kids to give it a go. We’re sharing a list of six toys we feel are perfect for pretend play.

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Why should we be encouraging our children to participate in pretend play? Is it so they will grow their imaginations, help build positive social relationships or develop conflict resolution skills? Yes, yes and yes!

Pretend play helps develop a child’s creativity, recreate social relationships and learn how to get along with others. It’s also necessary developmentally too, being like a ‘rite of passage’ as a child gets older.

As adults, we use our imaginations all the time. From creating new products, solving problems, help us enjoy a movie and understand the perspectives of others. This is due to having participated in imaginary play during our childhoods.

So yes, we need to be encouraging our kids to use their imaginations as they play, and we’ve made a list of six toys which help do this perfectly.

6 Toys Which Encourage Pretend Play

When engaging in imaginative play, children can play alone or with others. Try not to guide or direct them, but rather let them take the game how they would like to. Praise them when they try experimenting with new ways to play with and use toys and other objects. Six toys we love using for pretend play are:

  • Blocks – while many building block sets come with instructions on how to build something specific, it’s also fun to create your own things with them too.
  • Dress Ups – playing dress up gives children ideas to become anyone or anything they want. They are great for encouraging reluctant little ones to experiment, especially when Mum or Dad join in!
  • Cardboard Boxes – okay, so they’re not exactly toys, but cardboard boxes are so much fun! Easily adaptable, they can be transformed into anything.
  • Cooking toys – one of the ways children learn is through imitation and playing with cooking toys is always a favourite. Pretending to cook someone a meal or doing the dishes is great fun. Help things along with their very own pretend kitchen!
  • Push toys – being able to take care of a doll or teddy by pushing them around in a pram or even on a car greatly appeals to young children. They are also helpful when a toddler is learning how to walk too.
  • Vehicles - cars, trucks, boats and planes can travel to different areas of the world, do tricks and take on their own personalities. Racing car drivers, police officers and firefighters all use vehicles, remember!

Drop us a message below: we’d love to know what toys your kids use during pretend play!

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