Gift, Ultimate Guide On Sending Christmas Presents for Kids Overseas

Ultimate Guide On Sending Christmas Presents for Kids Overseas

Wondering about the best way to send Christmas presents for kids overseas is? We share our top tips, plus some great gift ideas too! Find out more now.

When sending Christmas presents for kids overseas, keep the gifts small, light and age appropriate. This sounds simple enough, but trying to find the ideal toys, books or games which fit all three of these criteria can be tricky! Then there’s the issue of how do you best pack them? We’ve put together some great tips, or you could call it, the ultimate guide on sending Christmas presents for kids overseas, just for you!

Gift, Ultimate Guide On Sending Christmas Presents for Kids Overseas

Sending Christmas Presents for Kids Overseas? Read This First! (h2)

While a cute little talking teddy bear could be seen as the perfect gift, if it contains lithium type batteries, it’s a prohibited item and cannot be sent overseas. It’s little things like this, as well as the size and weight of gifts which must be considered when selecting presents to post internationally to friends and family. We’ve made a great list of things to think about to help you in pick and send the perfect Christmas presents for kids overseas:

  • Aim to keep the total package weight, including packaging, under 2kg and with a value of less than $250.
  • Look for Christmas presents for kids which have a New Zealand theme to them. Our Plush Tuatara would be great for a young child, while the NZ Play Money or Spirit of New Zealand 3D Puzzle would be lovely for older children.
  • Make sure the gift doesn’t contain something in the NZ Post prohibited items list. Some countries also have a list of items which are not allowed into the country, so be sure to check that out too.
  • Be sure to complete the green Customs Declaration Label and select the gift option.
  • Keep an eye on the final Christmas postage dates. NZ Post recommends that you send parcels early in November to avoid the Christmas rush, but no later than the end of November.
  • Keep the present age appropriate. We have a handy guide which has organised all of our toys and activities into age groups from newborn to 14 years of age. You’ll also find the recommended age guide in the description of each of our products too.
  • Package the child’s gift well. Depending on the type of present it is, this can involve plastic packaging, bubble wrap and plenty of Sellotape!

We are happy to quote about shipping any of the amazing kids Christmas presents we have in stock on your behalf. We can even arrange gift wrapping and will pop in a note from you too! Just drop us a line at and we’ll quote you directly.

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