Person, Why Kids Love Playing with Blocks & Knocking Them Down!

Why Kids Love Playing with Blocks & Knocking Them Down!

Why Kids Love Playing with Blocks & Knocking Them Down!

Human, Why Kids Love Playing with Blocks & Knocking Them Down!

Meta description – Do you remember playing with blocks when you were young? They’re a generational favourite, but there’s more to block play than meets the eye. Learn why kids love blocks and the benefits they offer our kids now!

Playing with blocks is like a rite of passage in childhood. You need to make the tallest tower you can and then bust it down with the maximum amount of sound effects.  Or you build huge long roads with blocks and drive your cars over them. But don’t forget the hospitals for your toys; blocks make great sick beds!

But did you know that playing with blocks is more than just fun, it’s educational too. Today we discuss what makes building blocks so attractive to kids and the benefits playing with blocks brings.

Playing with Blocks: There’s More Than Just Making Towers (h2)

Block play is more than just building towers. The Ministry of Education says that block play can:

  • Teach kids about how gravity, balance, weight and stability work
  • Help develop hand eye co-ordination
  • Develop self confidence
  • Encourage cooperative skills and sharing
  • Develop understanding about size, shape, width, height and depth

When kids play with blocks, there are plenty of benefits, They develop their problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity, self-expression, mathematical and science knowledge plus fine and gross motor skill development. If that wasn’t enough, kids also love to play with blocks!

How Kids Play with Building Blocks (h2)

Did you know that there are six developmental stages children move through when playing with blocks? They are:

  1. Carrying blocks – building blocks are carried around, but not built with. Usually very young children.
  2. Building begins – rows on the floor or stacked are made with blocks. Around ages 2-3.
  3. Bridging – a bridge or passage way is built using two bricks to support a third brick. Around 3 years of age.
  4. Enclosure – making enclosed spaces with blocks such as zoos, farms and cages. Additional items are added for dramatic play.
  5. Complex structures – elaborate designs, patterns and balance is included in constructions. Around 4-5 years of age.
  6. Complex structures with elaborate dramatic play – kids start naming their structures and build things which represent common items in their lives.

Why Do Kids Love Busting Down Block Towers? (h2)

Easy! Because it’s fun. There’s nothing better than seeing cause and effect or consequences in action of your own making. But be aware that as tempting as it is, it is not okay to bust down someone else’s one! In fact, that’s likely to start a bit of a fight.

The solution, have enough building blocks to go around so that children can take them off to their own spot. Take a look through our online toy store and order a set or three of our building blocks today!

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