Love Traditional Toys? Here’s Why They’re Making a Comeback!

We know traditional toys are great for kids, and parents across NZ do too! We explain why they’re making a comeback and pushing aside screens and devices as they become popular once more.

Person, Love Traditional Toys? Here’s Why They’re Making a Comeback!

Blocks, pull toys, cars and dolls: traditional toys are making a comeback. It’s like the world has done a 360, and the use of electronic toys and devices are falling out of favour.

Our article 7 Reasons Children’s Screen Time Should Be Limited explored the impact screens and devices have on a child’s development. From increasing the risk of childhood obesity, slower physical development and poor sleep, there are plenty of reasons why we should switch off the computers.

It seems many parents are and are bringing back traditional toys into their household for their kids to play with. The benefits of this include that they:

  • Encourage kids to be active learners
  • Develop a child’s imagination
  • Are longer lasting
  • Never run out of batteries
  • Teach a range of motor, spatial, reasoning and thinking skills
  • Create equity between kids
  • Encourage communication between peers and adults
  • Provide opportunities for open-ended and free play

What are the types of traditional toys which can do this? Read on and find out…

Best Types of Traditional Toys for Today’s Kids (h2)

What makes a great traditional toy? One that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and can be used in many ways would be at the top of our list. How about you? What were your favourite toys growing up? Blocks, dolls, soft toys, tents, board games, pick up sticks, the list could go on and on. Here are a few of our favourite types of traditional toys:

  • Dolls – from pretty ballerinas to doctors and mermaids, dolls are the ultimate traditional toy.
  • Arts and Crafts – from finger painting to building with ice block sticks, while they’re not specifically toys, they certainly provide a lot of never-ending fun and creativity.
  • Blocks – there’s nothing quite like building with blocks, and then knocking them down!
  • Sorting Toys – putting a square block into a round hole. Be honest, you used to do that too!
  • Puzzles – figuring out what goes where and learning how to manipulate shapes was always so much fun.
  • Outside Toys – balls, bats, swings and slides: we loved playing outside.
  • Trucks and Cars – no one can outgrow making car noises while pushing their toy car over the floor, no one.
  • Jack in the box

What is your number one favourite toy? We’d love to hear your memories of playing with it when you were young, so please leave us a comment below.

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