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Plastic Free Toys & Gift Ideas for Kids

Buying children’s presents are never a problem at our Auckland toy shop! Find out what our recommended plastic free toys and gifts for kids aged 0-10 years are, and order online today.

Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas present, plastic-free toys and gifts are always popular with kids and parents alike! There is a multitude of reasons why, including environmental, longevity, sturdiness, cost and sensation when using it. It also is widely known that wooden toys provide benefits such as ease of use and developing social skills.

With a large number of toys and gifts being made with or containing plastic, we thought it was time to make finding ones without easier. That’s why we’ve made a list of popular plastic-free toys and gift ideas for children aged 0-10 years.

7 Plastic Free Toys & Gifts We Love (h2)

It can be hard knowing what present to buy, so we’ve made it easy! Take a look at this collection of seven plastic-free toys and gift ideas for kids from 0-10!

  1. Wooden toys – we’ll start with the most obvious; wooden toys. Often called the original toys, wooden toys are a firm favourite. We particularly love wooden train sets!
  2. Musical toys – whether it is a maraca, xylophone or music box, musical toys provide hours of fun for younger children.
  3. Dress up costumes – from fairies to princesses, pirates to superheroes, being given dress-up costumes opens up a new way of playing for younger children. They can also help children struggling to play creatively due to developmental delays too.
  4. Books – the ultimate gift, a book can provide enjoyment, teach, engage and educate a child time and time again. Take a look at our collection of books suitable for babies right through to pre-teens. We love the NZ themed books based around sheep and kiwis (just saying)…
  5. Puzzles – while some puzzles are made with or partially made with plastic pieces, others are manufactured using wood-based products. For older kids, we recommend the more detailed or larger puzzles, such as the WASGIJ Original 30 Strictly Can't Dance Puzzle or the Oodles of Doodles 748pc Puzzle - Owl-rageous.
  6. Cuddly soft toys – whether brightening up the nursery décor or snuggling at night, soft toys are always a hit! We have some beautiful NZ themed hand puppet soft toys, as well as traditional teddies.
  7. Home décor – a crystal suncatcher would look amazing hanging in the room of a pre-teen, just like an emoji face cushion would on their bed. If plastic-free toys aren’t your older child’s ideal present, then plastic-free home décor will be!

You are welcome to come to our Auckland toy store to check out our plastic-free toys and gifts selection yourself. Or feel free to shop here at our online toyshop instead. As always, if you need any assistance, we’re here to help.

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