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Angel High Doll

Angel High Doll

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Welcome to Angel High, the place where fashion and friendship rule, and everyone is welcome!
These Angel High Dolls are helping friends from the clouds above with sparkle, style and love. Unbox your doll and then find the 10 layers of surprise! Style her with an all NEW Swappable Outfit and Mini Wings and style her hair with a Brush and the Color Changing Hair Clip and Extension!
Every capsule comes with your very own Angel Wing accessories to match your Angel High doll’s glam look!
You can even mould your own Angel Cloud for your doll to use at Angel High!
There’s 6 magical dolls to collect including Cara-Mello, Zesti-Beats, Cosmo, Pascal, Coco-Love and Twizzle!

Product Features:

  • UNBOX THE CUTEST NEW FASHIONISTAS: Angel High Dolls are all about fashion & friendship. Their unique styles are reflected in epic hairstyles, outfits and accessories that fit their personalities. Dress them up, style their hair and don’t forget the most important glam touch – shimmery angel wings!
  • SO MANY SURPRISES: Unbox accessories to complete your dolls outfit. You can even find magical hair accessories with color change extensions to switch up her look! Every capsule comes with real golden angel wing accessories for you to wear and match your Angel High doll too.
  • FIND EPIC RARE GOLDEN WINGS TOO!: You can even unbox the super rare Golden Angel High wings, the ultimate addition to any glam look.
  • STYLE & DISPLAY YOUR DOLLS: With a new Swappable Outfit, Mini Wings and Hair Accessories, there’s so many different looks for your Angel to have! Once they’re all glammed up your capsule turns into the perfect doll display to show off that fab outfit.
  • UP YOUR STYLE: Match your Angel with your own Wing Accessory Clips! There’s even a Rare Golden Wings to find!

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