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Apollo Pull Back Racer 8606 Banbao

Apollo Pull Back Racer 8606 Banbao

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Apollo Racer Car blocks by Banbao

This is a super fast race car. He races against the fastest racing cars in the world. Can he win the race? This package consists of a racing car with Pull-back action! Suitable for children over 5 years. BanBao's toy building blocks contributing to the educational development of young children. The toy is suitable for boys and girls 5 +. With the wide variety of unique toys series BanBao children can build their own dreams.

Compatible with lego.

Pull back and watch it go! Suitable for children from the age of 5.

Measures 15cm long when made up.

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This is a quality product you will not be disappointed and a brand you will come to know and love.

Contains 102 pieces

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