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Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Ukulele

Baby Einstein - Magic Touch Ukulele

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Baby Einstein – Magic Touch Ukulele

This 2-in-1 wooden musical toy allows your little musician to strum along to 30+ melodies or create her own solo hit. Start in Freestyle mode and let creativity take over. Wherever baby strums, she’ll hear the sound of real chords… just like magic! Switch to Play Along mode and baby’s touch will match the tune. The Magic Touch Ukulele encourages development of fine motor skills with every strum and stroke baby makes. And with a push of the Baby Einstein button, it becomes more than a toddler toy


  • Instrument with real chord sounds.
  • 2 ways to play: Freestyle or Play Along modes!
  • Volume control for mum and dad.
  • Helps develop a love of music.

Suitable for ages 1 & up

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