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Bath Bomb Sprudel 6 pack

Bath Bomb Sprudel 6 pack

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6 pack  bath spridels contains the following colours

Coral, Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue.

What makes a Sprudel® different from an ordinary Bath Bomb?  Our Bath Sprudels® are unique in a few aspects, the most exciting feature that sets these bath bombs above the rest is that Bath Sprudels® come in 6 vibrant colours, they fizz, colour the bath water and each fizz ball contains a surprise sponge toy character! There are over 50 different shapes to collect which means that each pack of 6 holds a different variety of sponge toys.  Besides being awesomely fun, unlike many other bath bombs on the market that are made for adults, Bath Sprudels®are made especially for children

Safe, soft, soothing and gentle, they contain zero nasties:

  • No irritants or allergens 
  • No soaps
  • No essential oils
  • No SLS's
  • Gluten free Coeliac safe- no wheat or oat derivatives 

Our bath bombs gentle formulation makes them perfect for even the most sensitive little bodies!

All Bath Sprudels®  are REACH certified and compliant with USA, Australian and European CE toy regulations

The main ingredient is Bicarbonate of Soda (baking soda) which is a soft and natural cleaning agents - so they won't stain your bath or your child - in fact, both will come out cleaner than they started!


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