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Bicycle Exhaust System

Bicycle Exhaust System

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Turbospoke Exhaust System

Turbospoke not only makes a bicycle look like a real motorbike, but it also converts plain old pedal power into realistic engine noises. Using durable plastic Motocards and a realistic megaphone exhaust pipe, the Bicycle Exhaust System totally revolutionises the 'card in the spokes' concept. The Bicycle Exhaust System can now be fitted to either side of the bike, making a greater range of sounds, cooler and stronger big bore exhaust pipe and fits to 100% of bikes (from 14”-24”)! It’s waterproof and doesn’t require any batteries. It comes with a full fitting kit and 24 awesome stickers to decorate your exhaust pipe.

Makes your bike look and sound like a motorbike!

Each Turbospoke comes with three sound cards which are tunable for up to six different bike sounds.

You can fit two exhausts per bike. Double the look, double the sound and double the fun! (one included)

Comes with 24 awesome stickers to customise your exhaust pipe.
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