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Bubblegum Bella Necklace Rapunzel

Bubblegum Bella Necklace Rapunzel

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Gorgeous bead necklace from bubblegum Bella proudly New Zealand made.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair! Such an enchanting story of a long blond plaited hair helping out the handsome rescuer to  the castle. We think it’s the prince doing the rescue but really Rapunzel was the patient girl that for years allowed her hair to grow and make it an easy trip to the top for the prince. She does all the work and he gets all the glory…..sort of a familiar story line:) 

Fans of Rapunzel will love this designs combination of purples and pinks with sparkle and glam to suit every princess. Beautifully fun yet oh so glamourous too. Don’t be surprized if you little one will want to start growing her hair like Rapunzel! 

The Bubblegum Beads are 16mm wide and on a double strand of quality elastic for easy put on and take off for even the littlest jewellery wearers.

Mums and girls will both love these eye catching Bubblegum Beads. They are 2cm wide and on a double strand of quality elastic for easy put on and take off. 

Beads are acrylic. There may be slight variations in beads due to availability.

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