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Code A Maze First Coding kit

Code A Maze First Coding kit

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Code A Maze

The first coding kit for young minds. Fun, Easy, Intuitive. No abstract coding languages. No computer required. Completely screen-free.

WHY SHOULD KIDS LEARN CODING?                                                                         Coding trains children in critical thinking and problem solving, specifically in identifying a complex problem and breaking it down into manageable tasks. These are skills that translate to real life. And just like learning a language, children are quick to pick up on coding. Coding also builds something from scratch and so encourages creativity.

WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT CODE A MAZE?                                                               Code A Maze allows young children to learn coding skills through tangible code cards that do not rely on reading ability or language skills. Children can arrange these cards in sequence to code the program and achieve the mission. It is a very intuitive approach to developing computational thinking without the use of a screen or other complex syntax beyond their level of understanding.

SMART DESIGN                                                                                                      Code A Maze has a smart motor grid mechanism inside the main board which attracts the little robot and drives it to move. It uses grided playmats. Kids just count the grids to do the coding and the robot will move precisely following the programmed codes. Young kids also learn to count and identify directions at the same time.

 Age 3+ years

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