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Crime Scene Brooklyn 2002 detective game

Crime Scene Brooklyn 2002 detective game

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These streets are full of dark corners and even darker stories. Step into the crime scene and play out the investigation - collect the clues, figure out the puzzles and solve the crime!

Brooklyn, New york 2002.11.22. The phone rings - its another homicide in Brooklyn, New york city. Step into the shoes of a seasoned detective, who examines the crime scene, looks for any trace of evidence or clues, and works the case step by step. The puzzles can leave you scratching your head, but the answers are right infront of your nose.

- youll solve puzzles and piece the evidence together, just like a real detective                      - with a compelling story and immersive visuals you'll be drawn into the crime...                    - find the clues, solve the puzzles, reveal the crime.

suitable for ages 18+

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