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Dinosaur Hand Puppet

Dinosaur Hand Puppet

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Play at dinosaurs with these fun stretchy dinosaur hand puppets. One size fits most. The high quality non-latex rubber puppets come in two different varieties for fun recreations of prehistoric battles between giant dinosaurs or pretend play.

choose from brown or green

The dinosaur puppets are ideal for young children who love dinos, so they're a great gift idea for Christmas, Easter or their birthday. Teachers can keep some of these puppets on hand for free play or to inspire a lesson about prehistory. Parents and grandparents should get some to add to their pretend play dress up box.

These fun dino puppets are super stretchy so they can be contorted into all kinds of silly and fun facial expressions. They are a perfect cast of characters for a play or film a dino drama. Order them today.

2 colours available choose from brown or green


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