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Getting Lost Game New Baby Edition

Getting Lost Game New Baby Edition

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There’s nothing like those first few months with a new baby – the sleepless nights, the first smiles, the amazing days, the days that never end and of course there are the long drives and walks when you’ve tried everything and you still can’t get baby to sleep.  The New Baby Edition is a 15 card Getting Lost Game to bring a little adventure and fun to those walks and drives.

Your direction will be determined by who cried last, your online shopping while feeding, the hours of sleep you’ve had, what you rocked and searched and if you’ve managed to stay in the clothes you were in this morning. We’ll give you a spot on the back of the cards to record where you end up and how you were feeling for your baby to read in years to come.  And because we know how tough those first few months are we’ll give you a few treats and breaks along the way.

The Getting Lost New Baby Edition is the perfect gift for new Mums and Dads as they become part of this very special club for the first time or for seasoned Mum’s to bring siblings in to the fun on walks and drives.  It makes a great Baby Shower gift.

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