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Hippo - Card Game

Hippo - Card Game

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In Hippo, a player wants to get rid of all their buoy chips by placing them strategically in Mr. Hippo's swimming pool. The swimming lanes are numbered from 1 to 12, and lane number 7 is Mr. Hippo's little basin.

The players roll three dice and decide to use their value separately or add them up. Whoever rolls and uses a 7 gets to play again. Chips can be kicked out of the pool again if one lane is full and a player plays there again.

In the hippo board game, the goal is to get rid of your chips as soon as possible
The solutions are to give your chips to the Hippos or give your chips to the other players. All the players will be kept in suspense until the very last seconds of the game
The hippo board game includes a game board, three dice, and 48 chips and requires two to four players
This game develops the ability to calculate, to Anticipate, and to think strategically
Its small size means it can be easily carried and stored.


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