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Hornsnoggle Ferret - Hole in the Wall

Hornsnoggle Ferret - Hole in the Wall

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Welcome to the adventures of Hornsnoggle Ferret. The delightful character created by Auckland author Murray Dixon, and beautifully illustrated by David Ogilvie.

"Hornsnoggle Ferret and the Hole in the Wall"
One sunny morning on the way to his school,
Hornsnoggle Ferret spied a hole in the wall.
'I wonder what's through there' he pondered. he thought.
'it's probably something i've not seen before.
There could be some treasure, or an old secret map,
or even something even more exciting than that!

A wonderful large hardback edition. Just perfect for mat time at kindergartens and childcares as well as at home. Great stories, beautifully written and illustrated, this book will have all the children enthralled, and asking for more.

Check other listings for the gorgeous Hornsnoggle Ferret 33cm soft toy that really makes these books come to life.
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