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Kaleidoscope Colouring Believe in Magic Calligraphy

Kaleidoscope Colouring Believe in Magic Calligraphy

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Kaleidoscope Calligraphy Kit brings an elegant flourish to the every day! 

Use the calligraphy pen with 2 nibs and 6 ink cartridges to develop a signature lettering style.

The 48-page practice pad inside provides a fun introduction to calligraphy, with over 20 pages of alphabets to practice, as well as lettering tips, inspirational quotes, and illustrations to accentuate all lettering work.

Best of all, the 3 cards and 4 gift tags in this kit can be customised and shared with friends and family.

  • Calligraphy pen
  • 2 nibs
  • 6 ink cartridges
  • 48-page practice pad
  • 230 290 x 28
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