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Larsen tray puzzle Jurassic Dinosaurs

Larsen tray puzzle Jurassic Dinosaurs

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Larsen: 35-Piece Puzzle – Jurassic Dinosaurs

Jurassic wildlife. Species shown are (left to right, top to bottom): dragonfly, archaeopterix, rhamphorynchus, pterodactylus, barosaurus, stegosaurus, sinoconodon (early mammal), allosaurus (big predator), ornitholestes, ichthyosaurus, plesiosaurus, opthalmosaurus(top right underwater), ammonites, archeleon (turtle). -Also: belemnites(squid-like), sea lilies, corals, shells, and on land: ferns, tree ferns, conifers.


  • This quality, 35 piece jigsaw puzzle is made in Norway out of recycled cardboard
  • The puzzle features the Dinosaurs which roamed the Earth during the Jurassic period.
  • It is a tray puzzle measuring 36.5cm x 28.5cm
  • Each piece fits only in the correct place.
  • The sturdy pieces are 2.5mm thick.

Suitable for ages 3 & up

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