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Crime Scene London 1892 detective game

Crime Scene London 1892 detective game

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Its a nightmare in the pale glow of the gaslights. A crime has been committed - and your on the case! Solve the puzzles to find the truth.

Whitechapel London, 13 december 1892. Fear has gripped London since Jack the ripper left his mark, and its about to start all over again. You arrive at the grissly scene, but this seem... oddly out of place. Its up to you to see what is important, and what is just smoke and mirrors. Walk the streets oif whitechapel and find the solutions.

- youll solve puzzles and piece the evidence together, just like a real detective                      - with a compelling story and immersive visuals you'll be drawn into the crime...                    - find the clues, solve the puzzles, reveal the crime.

suitable for ages 18+

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