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Magnetic Pad Human Anatomy

Magnetic Pad Human Anatomy

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Magnetic Pad Human Anatomy

Our Magnetic Pad Human Anatomy is designed for young children to learn the basics of human anatomy, boy and girl representation, body parts, bones and organs.

Our M-Pad (magnetic pad) can replace the iPad and keep kids away from the screen.

Great for travel as everything is contained; play everywhere as it can easily be hung or be placed!

Perfect for young children, this game helps with problem-solving and assists with critical thinking, and works on logical thinking, observation, analysis, and concentration.

Composed of Magnetic pad, magnets, cards and holder, this case is conveniently packed in a handy way and easy to carry around during travel, at the café and on the go.



  • Each case contains Magnetic Pad X1, Magnets X44, Card X1, Holder X1
  • Case measures approx 35cm x 24.5cm x 1cm
  • Material: Paper & Magnetic & Cotton
  • Quality and eco-friendly materials, printed with vegetable inks
  • Brand: Mier Edu Australia
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up


Benefits of Leaning with Magnets:

Magnets are one of those magical toys that everyone loves.

Children love them because they are intriguing, yet easy to master.

Parents love them because they can use magnets to help their children develop a variety of skills.

They involve children in active, hands-on learning activities.

Whether you use ready-made magnet kits or homemade magnets, you can rest assured the lessons your child will learn will be ones that stick.

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