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Make Your Own - Paper Making Kit

Make Your Own - Paper Making Kit

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Magnoidz is a Science and Discovery brand, featuring an exciting range of interactive kits designed to intrigue young minds and develop curiosity. Exploring a range of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics and geology, these educational activities are fun, engaging and easy to use. Competitively priced, they make an excellent entry-point into the more complex science toy sector.

Learn how to make paper with the Magnoidz ‘Paper Making’ science kit! Each kit contains an educational resource booklet packed with interesting facts on how paper is made. Impress your friends with your knowledge on paper making and learn about all of the different materials which can be used in the paper making process.

This paper making kit contains the tools needed to complete three experiments;

  • Experiment 1: Make paper from pulp
  • Experiment 2: Make paper from leaves
  • Experiment 3: Make paper from a carrot.


  • 1 x tray
  • 1 x paper making tray
  • 2 x mesh
  • 1 x transparent board.

Suitable for ages 6 years and up

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