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My First Science Kit - Sink or Float

My First Science Kit - Sink or Float

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Blippi The Creative Kids My First Science Kit: Sink or Float is the perfect set for a little inquisitive mind that has a desire to learn. It is a truly wonderful way for someone to help a child learn and love science.

The My First Science Kit: Sink or Float set is packed with fun science experiments. These sets are aimed at easing children into the world of science. To help them think about the world around them and to get them to question and wonder how and why things work.

This set is all about if things can sink or float. It comes with some fun equipment such as a scale, a beaker, a funnel, a test tube, and balls to use to test. Also included is an easy to follow set of instructions that will help them start off their scientific career. There truly is no better way to introduce a child to the world of science!

The My First Science Kit: Sink or Float is very popular with kids, you can even check them out on YouTube which is a great way to make learning about science even more exciting. If you have been looking for a gift that is both educational and a lot of fun, you have found it here!

Suitable for ages 3 and up

Key Features

  • Comes with real science equipment
  • Features many different easy to do science experiments
  • Each experiment is broken down into easy to follow steps
  • A great way to get a young child interested in science
  • 3+
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