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P for Pizza Game

P for Pizza Game

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This is a quick-thinking category game

The aim of the game is to build your giant slice of pizza by winning small triangles of pizza. To win a triangle you must be the first player to shout out a word that links the category and the letter on the cards. So if the letter is B and the category is TV Shows, you could shout “Baywatch!”. If you’re first to shout a correct answer, you win the card. Now flip a new card and go again. Each round there are three letters and three categories on the table, so you can link any letter to any category. You just need to be super quick!


  • THE SPEEDIEST PLAYER WINS THE SLICE! – Match the letters with the categories, then shout out an answer before anyone else.
  • CREATE YOUR VERY OWN PIZZA PYRAMID – The first player to collect nine cards and build their Giant Pizza Slice is the winner.
  • IT’S CATCH UP, NOT KETCHUP – The more cards you collect, the harder the game gets — making each game a real nail-biter!

Ages 8+

2-4 players

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