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Snow Pets

Snow Pets

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Be Amazing! Toys Snow Pets features a snowball egg that reveals a surprise Snow Pal collectible! 

Give your child an exciting new surprise toy with the Be Amazing! Toys Snow Pets Surprise Snow Pals Collectible! Will your child receive the Polar Bear named Poppy? Or is it gonna's be the Snow Owl called Skye? This release offers 8 different characters that all come inside a surprise snow egg that your child has to fill with water. As the snow starts to dissipate, your child gets to unveil their new snow pal!

Kids can enjoy playing and displaying their Snow Pet or even place it on their pencil as a topper, making Be Amazing! Toys Snow Pets Surprise Snow Pals Collectible a fantastic new gift idea for kids who love surprise unboxing!

Ages 4+

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