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The Telescope Explore Beyond the Horizon

The Telescope Explore Beyond the Horizon

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A real NASA telescope to explore beyond the horizon while observing the Moon, the stars and scanning the sky!

This professional telescope for children is equipped with a 50 mm lens and interchangeable 6 and 12 mm eyepieces with which to enjoy 50 and 100 X magnification!

This astronomy lab also contains the Barlow lens with a 3X magnification factor and the finder to orient the telescope and help the child locate objects more quickly.

The telescope is equipped with an adjustable tripod and an extendable height of up to 130 cm to make observation more stable!

A telescope for children new to astronomy that is simple to assemble and easily transportable, suitable for all situations!

The illustrated scientific manual accompanies the child through the assembly process and guides him to discover the principles of astronomy.

A perfect science game to introduce children to astronomy in an easy and fun way.

Suitable for ages 8+

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