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Trestle Tracks - 43 Piece Starter Set

Trestle Tracks - 43 Piece Starter Set

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Trestle Tracks slightly widen from end to end propelling the marble with the illusion of magic that will wow your kids and their friends.

The Trestle Propulsion Principle:

- TRESTLE: A flat surface suspended by two or more legs

- PROPULSION: The action of driving or pushing an object forward

- PRINCIPLE: A natural law that forms the basis for the functioning of a machine or system

With Trestle Tracks, these three concepts work together to create an innovative marble-run experience like no other



marble run starter set

43 piece starter set












Includes 1 catcher, 1topper, 30 risers, 5 quality stainless steel marbles and 6 unique tracks


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