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Weekend Travel Set Snow Rabbit Mother

Weekend Travel Set Snow Rabbit Mother

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Sylvanian Families #5641
Calico Critters miniature dollhouses, playsets and figures are timeless and classic high-quality toys.

This ready to play set includes poseable Snow Rabbit Mother figure dressed in removeable clothing, along with luggage and accessories for a weekend getaway!

Emilia loves to travel - when you travel, you get to meet new people and try yummy new foods. Emilia has a big suitcase where she packs everything she needs to have a wonderful trip. Today, she's staying with the Hazelnut Chipmunk family so she can spend time with her friend Savannah. Savannah opened the door as soon as Emilia arrived - she must have heard Emilia's suitcase rolling along! Play together with other figures, furniture, homes and accessories from the Calico Critters line of toys.

Contents: 1 figure, This set includes everything she needs for a few days away from it all with a large wheelie suitcase, carry-on bag, coat, umbrella, wrist watch and more.

Age 5+
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