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Wooden Decoration Cake Set

Wooden Decoration Cake Set

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Mother Garden Wooden Decoration Cake Set

All children love birthday parties, whether it is their own or someone else's! This  Mini Birthday Cake Set gives kids the excitement of a birthday party every day of the year. It is decorated with fun party cake decorations, which are an ideal size for small hands and help develop hand-eye coordination as your little ones place the decorations on the cake and pretend to cut it into slices!

Set includes:

  • Candles x4
  • Cake (can be cut into 4 slices)
  • Strawberry x1
  • Decorations (snowman, girl, rabbit, bear) x4
  • Heart shaped card x1
  • Board x1


Product Dimension:
13*13*5  (L/W/H in cm)

Weight: 0.3kgs

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